Dr. Duss’ Adult Strabismus History

Dr. Duss’ Adult Strabismus History

Adult Strabismus Doctor in Jacksonville, FL

Obviously, with the word ‘pediatric’ right in the name of Dr. Dawn Duss’s practice, it’s pretty clear that improving the sight of children is one of her specialties. While Dr. Duss has proven her skill and ability time and time again with children, it’s important to remember the techniques and training she utilizes have also been perfected by her extensive experience with adult strabismus.

Dr. Duss has been operating on adults her entire career and was “trained specifically in this area during my fellowship.” While on staff at Nemours, she maintained an academic rank with the Mayo Clinic located in Jacksonville. This meant that she was highly regarded there and was frequently consulted on adult strabismus cases. During this time, the number of adult strabismus cases was relatively small, as she had to schedule them on her own time. Once she opened her own practice, “the adult population has exploded!”

What exactly does it mean to have strabismus?

“Crossed eyes, or strabismus, as it is medically termed, is a condition in which both eyes do not look at the same place at the same time. It occurs when an eye turns in, out, up or down and is usually caused by poor eye muscle control or a high amount of farsightedness.”

How does strabismus affect vision?

“Maintaining proper eye alignment is important to avoid seeing double, for good depth perception, and to prevent the development of poor vision in the turned eye. At first, this may create double vision and confusion, but over time the brain will learn to ignore the image from the turned eye. If the eye turning becomes constant and is not treated, it can lead to a permanent reduction in vision in one eye, a condition called amblyopia or lazy eye.”

Across the board, there are very few options for adults facing the challenges of strabismus. They often go for years suffering with double vision not realizing there are treatment options for them. Given the minuscule number of adult strabismus surgeons, local eye doctors weren’t offering treatment because there was no one to send them to. That is, until now.
With the opening and expanding practice of Dr. Duss, adult strabismus patients like Delbert Link now have an excellent option to help them dramatically improve their vision. When asked what is more challenging, working on adults or children, Dr. Duss says hands down, adult cases are usually the more complex. This complexity is what she loves and where she shines.

In her own words, “Adult strabismus is extremely challenging – reoperations, complex nerve palsies, Graves’ orbitopathy and strabismus associated with system diseases are common. Diagnosis and treatment requires a lot of thoughtful planning and mental gymnastics. I love it! It is so rewarding to restore single vision to these patients. It really changes their lives.”

Part of the tremendous reward of working with adults is the depth of their appreciation. Adults understand the life-changing qualities that Dr. Duss can facilitate for them. They often have gone years with vision challenges and when Dr. Duss successfully fixes their vision, their gratitude is profound. If you or someone you know are experiencing the challenges of adult strabismus, look no further. Help is a simple phone call away. Call Pediatric Eye Consultants and schedule an appointment with Dr. Duss. It will be the first step in getting your vision back on track.

Written by Diana DeVaul, MSW, blogger and Parent