Eye Patching Resources

Patching Instructions & Resources

There are different kinds of eye patches (NexCare, Coverlet, Ortopad) that can be found in most pharmacies. Patches come in two different sizes: Regular and Junior. Each brand may adhere differently, so try a different brand if you experience sensitivity to one type. If your child experiences skin irritation after removing the patch, you may apply a thin layer of calamine lotion or Milk of Magnesia to the skin. Let it dry completely before applying the patch. This creates a barrier that protects the skin from breakdown from patch adhesives.

If your child wears glasses, you may get patches that slide onto the glasses. Please make sure that the patch you get totally covers the eye. If the child is able to look past the patch, therapy is ineffective. You will need to know which eye you will be patching and what size patch you will need. Examples are PatchPals, Ortopad USA, and Patchworks.

Make Eye Patching Fun!

Take a look at the Eye Power Kids Wear website for some fun activities, great ideas, stories, and products. (www.eyepowerkidswear.com) You may use the Patching Pirate app on any electronic device or a “patch poster” (Ortopad USA) to help make patching fun for your child. Positive incentives and making your child feel comfortable around others in their patch is critical to success. Feel free to tweet Dr Duss a picture of your child showing off their patch around town and we might post it to our website!

Patching Pirate App for iPhone and iPad

Download the Patching Pirate App and make patching fun! Developed by an Orthoptist with 30 years’ experience patching children, Patching Pirate will encourage and motivate your child to patch. Your child can earn gold from patching to buy accessories for their avatar. Download Here