Very great and professional staff. The best doctor I think I’ll ever meet. She has helped my daughter so much by preserving her vision. Dr. Duss truly has a passion for her work. She always goes above and beyond any expectations that a parent could have for a pediatric doctor. We’re blessed to have been referred to her.

Dr. Duss is truly wonderful and so is her staff. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. My two year old needed to have eye surgery and she made the whole process relatively easy. I couldn’t say enough good things about this practice.

Dr. Duss is fabulous with my tween-aged daughter. Communication from doctor to parent is clear, and options are offered. You will have an active roll in your child’s care, as well as options (if they are available.) I would give them 5 stars (out of 5) easily, and would happily recommend them to my closest and dearest friends.

When no other pediatric ophthalmologist wants to see my son asap, Dr. Duss took time to review his case. She then had her secretary call me right away, and saw my son that afternoon. Everything was set up smoothly including the surgery. The wait time in her office is also very minimal and sometimes none. She knows that children are very impatient so she sees her patient without too much BS. I am still very thankful to her up to this day for saving my sons vision.

Dr. Duss is the best! My daughter loves her as well. She is very thorough, but is also very personable. My daughter has a condition that Dr. Duss monitors very closely, but didn’t want to just rush to operate on her eyes as other doctors have wanted to do. She explained her condition very thoroughly with us and told us that sometimes operating can make her eyes worse and that my daughter’s case is actually very mild at this point and may never worsen. I wouldn’t trust my daughter’s eyes to anyone else.

Dr.Duss is definitely the best at what she does. She is open and honest and makes sure you understand every step of the way what to expect with your child. She diagnosed my son with Glaucoma and because of her my son will still have vision in the future and now! I truly thank god for her blessing us with her practice and look forward to the future. Thanks Dr. Duss!

I loved the service! My husband brought our son in, but came home and bragged about her! She put our son at ease, and he was really impressed with how everything was explained to him. When he told me everything, I felt that I had been there too! They have also been with us every step to resolving the issues with our son. Very highly recommend Dr. Duss!

I was referred to Dr. Duss by my son’s pediatrician for a sudden inflammation in his eye. His pediatrician wanted him seen by Dr. Duss ASAP and when I called the office, they got him in right away. My 2 year old was a pretty cranky and loud patient, but Dr. Duss and her staff worked hard to make it as easy as possible for him and to get him through the appointment as quickly as possible. It was a great experience and the staff was great working with children!

Dr. Duss is an incredible doctor with an extremely dedicated support staff! She has been seeing our daughter since she was 6 weeks old when we found out she had a cataract and required immediate surgery to save her vision. She is very patient with us, explains everything that is going on, and has always made herself available for questions and concerns. We couldn’t be any happier with the services received and feel that she is the absolute best doctor in taking care of all of our daughter’s ophthalmology needs!!

Dr. Duss and her staff are amazing. Took very good care of our daughter and made sure we had the results back as quick as possible. Highly recommended!

October 24, 2014 is a day we will never forget. My son, Joseph, 14 at the time, experienced a traumatic injury to his left eye. We first met Dr. Duss in the emergency room because she was on call that day. Joseph was unable to see and Dr. Duss explained to us that it was unclear what his prognosis would be, however, it would definitely be a long road ahead. Joseph required a very complex and complicated surgery as well as months and months of drops and follow up appointments. It was a very scary experience with a lot of ups and downs, but Dr. Duss walked us through every step. She was always available if we had any questions or concerns, day or night, it didn’t matter.

Dr. Duss performed my son’s cataract surgery when he was not even 3 years old but she was at Nemours then. My son (now 5) started going back to Nemours in November of 2014 and they continuously were changing his glasses instead of fixing the problem. We were so happy to find out that Dr. Duss had started her own practice! Our first visit to her office she confirmed that both eyes had scaring which is normal after cataract surgery. However she also told us that he was seeing at about 20/150 and she immediately sent us to a retina specialist for surgery. We met with his about 2 weeks later and his eyes had progressed to 20/200 (legally blind in the US). He had surgery in one eye in December and on the other in January and he can now see at 20/30! She has been a true blessing for our family and our son will continue to go there as long as I have a say in it!