Contact Lenses

Pediatric Contact Lens Fittings in Jacksonville

Contact lenses can be safely utilized in children of all ages, including infants, IF property prescribed and managed.

In certain cases, contact lenses can be particularly useful in active children (gymnastics, swimming etc) and can even help children attain a higher level of acuity (aphakic/ astigmatic patients) than spectacles. However, contact lenses afford more risk than spectacles. If not properly fit and cared for, patients may experience irritation, inflammation and serious infection. Patients may lose permanent vision or even the eye itself with poor management.

It is of upmost importance that children be fit properly and with care. We recommend comprehensive fitting, one-on-one insertion/removal training for your child and active parental involvement during this process. Please give us a call at (904) 425-5075 or send a message through our Ask a Question form to learn more about whether contact lenses are a good option for your child.