Patient Resources

Division of Blind Services

Click the link below to view/download the Division of Blind Services Referral and Application for Services.
Division of Blind Services

For the Parent/Infant program, please contact Kim Carr or Sherrie Guthrie:

Flordia School for the Deaf & the Blind Kim Carr/Sherrie Guthrie
207 N. San Marco Avenue
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Ph: 904-827-2232
Fax: 904-827-2293

Optical List

Pediatric Eye Consultants of North Florida has compiled the following list for your reference.
Opticals in Jacksonville, Florida

Blepharitis / Chalazia Resource Guide

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids and ocular surface, and can be very uncomfortable. We’ve put together some important information to assist you with treatment and management of this condition. If you believe your children may have blepharitis, please give us a call or send a message through our Ask a Question form.
Blepharitis Resource Guide

Where to Buy Specialty Children’s Glasses

If you would like to purchase your child’s glasses online, we recommend the following website: Kids Bright Eyes | Here is a list of local opticals: Opticals in Jacksonville


Looking For “Dilli Dalli” by ClearVision?

Dr Gayle Leinwohl ValuVision Mandarin, 9397-2 San Jose Blvd. Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32257. 904-730-2299

Looking For “Kids by Safilo”?

Bob Ham Eyewear 9760 San Jose BLVD Jacksonville FL 32257 904-268-5949

Patching Pirate App for iPhone and iPad

Download the Patching Pirate App and make patching fun! Developed by an Orthoptist with 30 years’ experience patching children, Patching Pirate will encourage and motivate your child to patch. Your child can earn gold from patching to buy accessories for their avatar. Download Here